Color printing and copying guidelines

Please keep in mind that we do not recommend using borders due to shifting in the printing and cutting process, which may cause borders to appear uneven. If you wish to have a border, please follow these guidelines:


File Setup
1. Convert your document to CMYK color mode.

If your files are submitted using any other color standard, such as RGB or Pantone, they will be converted to CMYK. Conversion from one color standard to another may cause colors to shift due to gamut constraints. To best control the color result of your printed piece, we recommend that you do your own color conversion.

2. Verify that your document has a resolution of at least 300 ppi.

To ensure a high quality print, we ask that you save your document with a resolution of 300 ppi or greater. Also, be certain that any embedded files within your document, such as images and graphics, have also been saved at a resolution of 300 ppi or greater.

3. For documents requiring a full bleed print, please include a 1/8" background extension around your entire final cut size.

In order to print color to the edge of a sheet of paper (full bleed), we must print on a larger size sheet and then cut the paper down to size. If your file is not white on all four sides, you MUST include bleeds in your files. Add a quarter of an inch (.25") to each dimension to allow for cutting (.125" added on all four sides). For example, for a 3.5" X 2" business card with full bleed, the image size should be submitted at 3.75" x 2.25". The card will then be trimmed to 3.5” x 2” after printing.

4. Verify that important information is 1/8" inside your final cut size.

Any text or images that are not bleeding off the edge of your document should be at least 1/8” in from the final cut line on each side. This is to ensure that none of your information is too close to the edge or accidently cut off on the final print due to minor shifts in the printing process and the mechanical tolerance of the trimming equipment.

5. Verify that all strokes and rules are 0.25 pt. or greater in weight.

Any line that is less than this value may not print properly or may be converted improperly by our servers.

6. Export your document as a high-resolution PDF file.

If possible, avoid using compression. Ensure that your file is exported as single pages (not spreads) and that your 1/8" bleed is included. Crop marks are preferred but not required. If you have a bleed and do not have crop marks, please let us know when you submit your order.